About Op. Dr. Ali Yagci

Dr. Ali Yagci, who was born in Antalya and is father of three children, completed his elementary, secondary and high school education in Antalya-Alanya.

After receiving medical education abroad in 1980, he completed his specialization in Dicle University, Faculty of Medicine, General Surgery Clinic, between 1984-1988.

He worked in
Sandikli State Hospital between 1988-1998
Antalya State Hospital between 1998-2007
Antalya Training and Research Hospital between 2007-2011
Burdur State Hospital between 2011-2015
Antalya Atatürk State Hospital between 2015-2017

Now, he carries out his professional activities in his own clinics located in Antalya. The obesity surgeries are the major surgical applications he focuses on.

Associations he is member of

» Turkish Medical Association
» Turkish Association of Surgery
» Turkish National Society of Endoscopic Laparoscopic Surgery

Fields of Interest

» Obesity Surgery- Sleeve Gastrectomy
» Metabolic Surgery
» Laparoscopic Gallbladder
» Endocrine Surgery

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