WHAT IS OBESITY?y surgery? How it is made?

The surgery is adopted by all medical professionals as the most efficient method to fight obesity and a consensus was achieved regarding thereto. The most applied operation type is restricting feed intake (Bariatric Surgery) and sleeve gastrectomy (stomach reduction) that so aims to decrease food absorption. This method is applied to 95% of the patients.

The patient to be recommended with operation do firstly undergo an obesity classification. The first rule here is that the patient should try to lose weight by sport and diet 2 times in last 6 months. The failing patients should be checked for hormonal (hypothyroid) and psychiatric disorders. In the second stage, the body mass index of the patient should be calculated. This is calculated by dividing the square of the person's height by his/her weight in meters; for example:
1.60 * 1.60= 2.56
110kg / 2.56 =42.9

Republic of Turkey, the Ministry of Health has now reduced the threshold of morbid obesity, which was higher before, from 40% to 30% (Body Mass Index – BMI).

Type-2 Diabetes Patients whose Body Mass Index – BMI is 60 and beyond may be applied with gastric by-pass surgery as a method reducing food absorption.